Sarah Savory

About Sarah

Sarah Savory is the single mother of two children - Luke, 5 and Mika, 2. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Sarah has always been very passionate about all wildlife but pangolins hold a special place in her heart. It was when she was with a group of people at a local wildlife sanctuary and none of them knew what a pangolin was that she knew she had to try to make a difference for these special mammals.

After a lot of thought, she decided that educating children would be the best way to get the message across because not only do the children learn, but their parents too. And so the idea to write a children’s book was born and she went home and wrote the story.

"All of the animals that are in the book (and many others) are threatened and urgently need protection. Pangolins are the least-known but most-trafficked mammals on the planet - I hope that through the book I can begin to show you just what extraordinary and endearing animals they are and how much they, too, deserve to be fought for. After all, we can't begin to save pangolins if people don't even know they exist!"


What On Earth Is That?

A charming tale about two children who discover a strange creature and set off on a journey to discover what on earth it could be…