My goal is to share these critical new insights to inspire and empower people and show how we can all work together towards a better world. 

The discoveries Allan made were born of a deep passion and love of the wildlife and the people of Africa. But this is for all wildlife and all people. Everywhere.  

I teach these discoveries and wrote the workbook because I want to share knowledge and understanding of these incredibly exciting new management and ecological insights – these show how each of us can make decisions in a way that will have a consistently positive impact on the world around us.  

The first thing we have to understand is when and why our decisions began negatively impacting the health of our planet and how we can make a simple adjustment to ensure our decisions always reflect the incredible connections that make up our amazing world.  

What I Do

We must also understand how important it is to connect the quality of our lives to the health of our life-supporting environment – and unite beyond our personal differences towards a common environmental purpose.  

Because we are not something separate to nature – we are nature.  

Over time, our decisions have resulted in us becoming more and more disconnected from the natural world, which means we are losing the connection to ourselves. In this work we explore when and why our decisions started to result in problems and discover how to reconnect to nature before it’s too late.  

This work helps us to ‘unlearn’ an inherited (but outdated) decision-making process and adapt to a new one… one that brings us back into balance with each other, and with the natural world, by reflecting that our individual and collective social and economic well- being is inseparable from the health of our environment. 

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